Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Heart Box Canvases

White Out
White Out
Acrylic on 12" x 12" gallery wrapped box canvas, 2007
Available on Etsy

Acrylic on 12" x 12" gallery wrapped box canvas, 2007
Available on Etsy

I have worked on 1.75" wide box canvases before, but I don't always invest in them. My semi local art supply store, Jerry's Artarama, has some amazing discounts on gallery wrapped standard canvases that are hard to pass up. But working on these wider, box canvases the last few days has reminded me, it's worth the extra $$... it really is.

Things have been good for me lately. I do feel a little like a machine, but it's a good feeling... I know it won't last forever. I'm going to need a break to just crash and BE. My hands and mind are constantly in action, engaged in SOMETHING - painting, drawing, working online. The cool thing is I seem to be coming out of my hibernation mode where I work through the night and sleep through the short days of winter. I am actually in a healthy sleep cycle, waking with the sun, and it's led to greater productivity and a healthier head state, if you know what I mean. Light deprivation makes you a little wacky. "Little" = understatement.... I am such a seasonal freak.

Yesterday and today were much warmer than the last few weeks of bitter cold, the snow is melting and the sky is blue. This makes me VERY happy. My dog is happy too because I haven't rushed him on our walks. "Ok, get the stick, good boy, now get in the car."

Just the hint of spring in the air awakens the spring part of my identity. I explode in spring. I come ALIVE. I feel the drumroll inside of me growing in anticipation. I often need to be careful that I don't explode off in an excited spiral into oblivion... my friends understand this and are probably laughing right now with that description. I just get giddy, it's like a drug, but it's really good for you.

Another thing that's made me happy is getting a commission for two large companion canvases in this style . They will be 36" square box canvases in a certain range of colors designed to pop on a blue wall. I will post updates as I get started on this project.

I had a dream last night of a woman painting on my Grandparent's farm and I was in love with what she created - they were landscape paintings, but very abstracted and they included layers of translucent circles that just fit with the whole simplified landscape thing... I think I might try to do some of those today in watercolor. I know they won't be as cool as in my dream, but it's worth a shot.


Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Boy, do I know what you mean about light deprivation! I've been in a terrible funk the past few weeks and just in the past couple days as the sun has come out from behind the clouds, the funk is beginning to lift! I cannot wait for spring to get here!!!

I'm really loving all the new work you've been posting on etsy! You've inspired me to do some ACEOs, something small to get my mind back on track.

Congrats on the commission! Can't wait to see it!

rachelcreative said...

White Out looks so fresh and creamy. I like it very much!

Have you ever compared your winter art with your spring/summer art? Be interesting to see if they are distinct patterns with your seasonal-ness.

Totally relate to light deprivation too. Never know whether to huddle round the fire or the window ;-)

Cynthia said...

I love a really deep canvas! (Especially since framing is so darn expensive.)

Congratulations on your Etsy success, you're making great work and it shows.

We had a 60 degree day the other day and I loved it. I went to the park and just enjoyed not wearning a jacket. I'm waiting for long, warm days.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel Jess! It's our understanding that makes our works unique. :) Plus, I feel like a machine sometimes too. A machine that does'nt punch out nearly as many works as you do but getting there. :) GREAT WORK JESS!!! PS. If ya ever need a place to get away from it all you are welcome here! :)

jafabrit said...

Sounds like things are good, and ooooh, I sure hope you post the pics of your paintings from your dream. that is cool.