Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Examples of Commissions

Etsy has a new feature where buyers can request custom orders. If you look at my shop's page at you will see a button that says Request Custom Item

I thought it would be nice to give buyers an idea of what I have done in the past working with customer's ideas and color preferences.

This is my most recent commission. It is a 48" x 48" acrylic painting on stretched canvas. The composition was based on the painting White Out in colors that fit my buyer's decor.

This altered playing card was created for a buyer that found another 6 of clubs card I made online (see here) that was already sold. She had a personal connection to this card, and since the first creation was already sold, I created this new card with an emphasis on the two connections she had to the 6 of clubs - luck and love!

An 18" x 24" acrylic reproduction of the painting Breakthrough

A pair of two 36" x 36" acrylic paintings on canvas. I love this set! I'd love to do ten more of these or more!

A 24" x 36" version of the slightly smaller acrylic painting available for sale Here

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Mary said...

These are marvelous paintings, Jessica! I can imagine how happy your client is with the top one. I have started some abstracts but I think I will start a new blog with only those to keep adding abstracts. I'll visit you more often Jessica, life has been busy! :)