Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mary Ann Wakeley's Art

ML602 30x48, originally uploaded by m.a. wakeley.

I just had to share this painting, one of MANY that are currently blowing my mind over on flickr. I searched "abstract painting" and found this artist, Mary Ann Wakeley, who is now my newest fav painter! I see a connection in her work to Meghan Henley and Andrea Kostyal, two other painters I greatly admire.

My thanks to Mary Ann for brightening my day today with her outstanding art!


Meghan Henley said...

Love this piece! I first thought of Andrea myself and of course can see my own work in there as well. Thanks for sharing this.

Angela Taylor said...

Wonderful work! The colors are great and I love the texture as well! It was very thoughtful of you to share this with us Jess! Thanks!

maw said...

Thank you so much, Jessica, for highlighting this piece! I adore your work as well, not only for color and style but diversity! I am also honored to be held up to the works of Meghan and Andrea whose art is not only beautiful but soulful. You've made my day... thank you:)