Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to School? Nah - back to the beach!

I am one lucky lady. This Thursday I'm hopping on a plane to go to Florida to go celebrate my high school girlfriend's 30th birthday. Our other two friends are also flying in from NYC and Virginia. We are going to have a blast... soaking in the sun on the beach, catching each other up on what's really going on in all of our lives, and getting silly on frozen rum drinks. Hopefully I'll have a photo to share of us that won't be totally ridiculous (or maybe I'll embarrass us all and put the most ridiculous one up here! hahaha - we'll see). Anyway, that means I'll be away until Monday so I hope everyone has a great weekend!

(PS - Jill, we are going to miss you!! But know that we'll be thinking of you and love you so much!) xoxoxo

Sunday, September 02, 2007

To see who in the world you might be

Joni Mitchell's Rainy Night House was playing in my dream last night. It was like a soft speaker was pumping this song into every nook and cranny of every building I was in, every street and alley and frightful forest. Everyone was there - everyone from my life, that is.

I have these reoccuring dreams that really aren't the true definition of reoccuring. If they were, I'd be doing the exact same thing over and over but that isn't the case. It's more like a reoccuring stage and cast - camps/neighborhoods/hotels/schools that all come together to represent every living situation I've ever had - from my mother's womb to college to now. And everyone I've ever known, all hanging out in different rooms together - friends old and new, family, old schoolmates, ex lovers - even my old pets will make an appearance with Leo.

What happens in these dreams? Something different all the time, but in general, I guess I end up working out relationship issues with the people in my past and present. Sometimes this can be very painful.

You came to the party by yourself
Pushing an empty stroller
And you locked yourself in your room
Everyone was talking about you
They didn't like who you had become
I didn't mind, I just wanted to know you again
But I was shut out too.

When I finally broke into your room
I screamed so loud it woke me up
You just stood there