Sunday, June 24, 2007

La la la la la! Happy day!!

Sunface Man, originally uploaded by livefunky.

I am super duper double pumped because I just got Illustrator and I'm in looooovvvvveeee!!! There is so much it can do it's almost dizzying but each new trick I discover is awesome! This is my first real image made from a sharpie sketch scanned and digitally painted. Ahhhh the wonders of technology.... so different than painting - the bonus of changing things that you don't get with watercolors (which I usually use with ink). This is just too much fun....

PS - I also got a new printer and I'm going to be offering prints in my Etsy shop SOON!!! Please let me know if there is a certain image of mine that you'd like to see me offer as a print. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

ACEO Magazine Interview

ACEO Magazine Interview, originally uploaded by livefunky.

Spring 2007 ACEO Magazine Cover Artist

Here is the front and back of the magazine. (Left is back, right is front). I'm going to post the interview page inside the magazine next...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Your Light Goes On And On And On And On

On and On and On
lyrics by the band Wilco

On and on and on we’ll stay together yeah
On and on and on we’ll be together yeah
You and I will try to stay together yeah
On and on and on we’ll be together yeah

Please don’t cry we’re designed to die
Don’t deny what’s inside
On and on and on we’ll stay together yeah
On and on and on
On and on and on

One day we’ll disappear together in a dream
However short or long our lives are going to be
I will live in you or you will live in me
Until we disappear together in a dream

Please don’t cry we’re designed to die
You can’t deny even the gentlest tide
On and on and on we’ll be together yeah
On and on and on
On and on and on
We’re going to try

Please don’t cry
This world of words and meanings makes you feel
Something that you feel already
deep inside
You’ve denied
Go ahead and cry

On and on and on we’ll stay together yeah
On and on and on
On and on and on

You and I will stay together yeah
You and I will try to make it better yeah


This song may have been written for a lover, but for me, it applies to all forms of loving someone, all relationships and bonds of love, including family and friends. Lyrics are one thing. The music is another. You need to listen to this song to hear all of the other non verbal layers of meaning. I found a live recording on youtube at

Together this song and this image can say what I cannot put into words right now exactly, but I'm going to try.


a message to jack......

blue eyed beauty
you woke with the dawn
ready for a new day
that is your way....

early riser, eager engager of life
you lived to the fullest
and gave even more
that is your way

so shy of praise
humble and proud
sure to be the first to arrive
that is your way

there for your kin as a rock
through winds of change
giving before thinking
that is your way

never asking for much
but wanting the best
for all whom you cared for
that is your way

working through strife
but keeping it together
because you never imagined another way
that is your way

in all ways we'll miss you
in all ways we'll remember you
in all ways we'll love you and thank you for being you

IN LOVING MEMORY OF JOHN (otherwise known as Jack) TORRANT
my wonderful grandpa - i love you so much

Friday, June 08, 2007

Enlightened Journey

I finally have a new original to share! Today I went back into this painting, which stayed in it's raw underpainting stage for a few weeks. I just loved what happened in that first layer of expressive washes of paint. Today I came in with a little white to emphasize certain elements, then called it Done before I went too far. I know this piece could have evolved in a number of directions, but when it clicks it clicks - it doesn't matter if takes two hours in or two weeks.

I have just listed this 16" x 20" painting in my Etsy store.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

positive INFLUENCE

i need to speak about this, about this very positive influence i've had watching The U.S. Vs John Lennon. as much as it makes me sick that a human being full of so much love and compassion could be stalked like a dangerous criminal by our very own GVT, it gives me great hope to know such a human being existed....

(i am currently listening to joss stone singing "i had a dream last night - what a lovely dream it was - i dreamed we all were alright - happy in a land of oz - what a lovely dream it was")

the hope continues...

i am in this place that tells me to no longer make apologies. to speak clearly and unafraid. the truth is something that we know but are scared to talk about amongst ourselves. SPEAK IT says the voice and I'll do so through prose rather than preaching. because it is not my intention, to speak out as if i have all answers, or even some..... but my truth.... i won't hide that in pretense. i won't manipulate myself for marketing sake or even to please. i will love forever but in a pursuit of truth, and there is a point when you accept that truth hurts sometimes or not and

i'll be there on the other side

ready to hold you and me and all of our dreams...

ready to begin again.

now i am listening to nina simone and that is why i go so deep - because others have before me. they have gone into the very depths of their souls and turned themselves inside out for all to see - exposed before the world without fear - full of faith that what they are, how they are designed, flaws and raw beauty and all, is intended. and they blow their horn loudly for all to hear. because they know they must.

i am in that place that says "it is time to shed your skin again" and this new phase is me coming from a placid stance overlooking a river to actually stepping forward and dipping my toes in.
in fact, dunking my entire body under the intimidating but ultimately healing waters.

the things i feel in my heart and soul are radical in a way. but not at all. they correspond with what i surround myself with, but to publicly declare "i am such a freaking liberal, you'd might as well add me to "The List"" is a little scary. i am ultimately just a nature loving, good hearted woman, but i can't keep my mouth shut for fear of big brother coming down on me somehow. watching that documentary about lennon refreshed me with the inspiration AND the intimidation of/for speaking your truth. i'm going to pick up the torch and SPEAK even though it's risky.

all we need is love


all we are saying is give peace a chance

that is really all i am saying
is that so bad????

A piece of heaven called Hermit Island

I am an island, originally uploaded by livefunky.

Last weekend I spent a fabulous few days with two of my best friends camping on Hermit Island in Maine. Apparently this park is so popular, you need to reserve a spot a year in advance during the "on" season. Luckily, we were several weeks before that time begins, so we had our pick of the litter.

The three of us have our deep connections to the Maine seacoast, so just driving up and seeing the "Welcome to Maine: The Way Life Should Be" sign on 95 had us so excited. We ended up picking an incredible site overlooking a cove. We made a fire, and watched the full moon rise and sparkle on the water. It was magic. The little shop there had lobsters and clams that they boil up for you for a dollar and a half! So we had a feast at our campsite, toasting plastic travel wine glasses and savoring every "fresh out of the ocean" bite. Did I go in the water? Yes I did. I had to honor the Torrant tradition of braving the biting cold Maine waters. It was shocking - but very worth it.

We did some drawings in the sand, and took our time wandering around, soaking in the majestic views. You can see more pictures of our trip at

So... I'm an artist, oh yeah. You'd get the feeling I do nothing but travel and live it up. Well, these days, that's what I've been doing. It's been a non stop run since about this time last year when my husband and I got to get away from it all on our honeymoon. Since then it's been work work work in overdrive. It's been thrilling, but I am welcoming this break right now. And regrouping.

I've got some new ideas about directions I want to take my art, my business, etc, etc. Now is the time to stop and think and work out my plan. I'm taking a break to think but also to rediscover myself and my work. Things are in motion, and it will only be a matter of weeks before I can really get moving in these new directions. It's exciting.

Hope everyone is enjoying this time of year. :)