Friday, April 20, 2007

Painting up a storm until the sun comes back

Alone Time
original ACEO available at

Guilty as charge - I have neglected my blog. BUT I have been painting a ton and listing all new works on Etsy, so that must count for something, eh? The cold, wet weather we faced for the last week has been instantly erased by some sweet sun shining today - and the weekend is supposed to be even better. I cannot describe how happy I am. Sun and comfortable temps make me feel whole.

I am looking forward to a girl's night tomorrow night. Even more sunshine my way - could I be anymore content right now?

Happy Spring everybody.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Ladders In The Light
Mixed media on canvas, 2007

I've got a ton of new paintings and mixed media works over at - can't keep up right now. Hence the title of this post. I would rather rock out to this Chaka Khan I am listening to right now, then go into details, and I am sure you understand. Sometimes we need to just let loose at the end of the day. This isn't the end of day for me, it's midnight, but that should say something about my concept of a "work day".

"I take every little thing I do, give it up, give it all up, for you. I mean every little thing, it's true!..."

Miss Chaka says it all. Finger snapping Jessy, signing out.

Monday, April 02, 2007

New ACEO Series

Celebrating Spring
Acrylic on matboard, 2007

I haven't been able to get to Jerry's Artarama to get new canvases so I've been working on acid free matboard. I inherited tons of matboard when my old boss moved her frame buisness to another location. It's acid free so it makes a great surface to work on, also I like the thickness for ACEOs - makes for a sturdy little card. Anyway, all of these new ACEOs are in my store - while you are there, check out my SALE section with lots of spring cleaning discounts. I've also updated my entire shop to include free shipping worldwide.

(For those who "do Etsy" you can imagine how crossed my eyes were after the two days it took to revise over 200 listings - yowza!)...copy paste copy paste click go ba beep ba boop - not human anymore - must rest but must finish - another - listing - i - sleep now. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Enough blogging - back to work I go. Good day y'all!

The Leo Update

We got this beautiful card, hand painted with love by our dear friend in Georgia, Angela Taylor. It brightened my day so much and it's hanging in our kitchen now. :) Thank you so much, Angela!

To update everyone about Leo, well, he got the stitches out on Thursday and he's been cone collar free since then - happy and healed up and back to living a dog's life. The pictures above are from one of our walks "on the farm". This is up behind my parent's house in a few lots my grandfather rents out to a Christmas tree farmer. The blessing in this is it's a pretty maintenance free crop. Plant them, wait a few years, then selectively cut. It isn't one of those "cut your own" farms. This is just a handful of acres tucked up in the woods. There is never anyone up there. Only a couple times a year will I come across any workers cutting or planting trees. Usually, it's just me and Leo and a visit from the hawks.

I am so happy that Leo is ok. He's still as gorgeous as ever, and our bond is even deeper (if that's even possible). I love that guy so much. I hope good health and happiness is with you and yours, both two legged and four.