Friday, April 20, 2007

Painting up a storm until the sun comes back

Alone Time
original ACEO available at

Guilty as charge - I have neglected my blog. BUT I have been painting a ton and listing all new works on Etsy, so that must count for something, eh? The cold, wet weather we faced for the last week has been instantly erased by some sweet sun shining today - and the weekend is supposed to be even better. I cannot describe how happy I am. Sun and comfortable temps make me feel whole.

I am looking forward to a girl's night tomorrow night. Even more sunshine my way - could I be anymore content right now?

Happy Spring everybody.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful work Jess! It is totally understandable that you haven't had time to keep up with your blog. You have thousands of things to do. So don't you be hard on yourself as far as that goes. Ya hear?
Anyhoo, wonderful work and I hope that you have a happy Spring toooo!