Thursday, April 12, 2007


Ladders In The Light
Mixed media on canvas, 2007

I've got a ton of new paintings and mixed media works over at - can't keep up right now. Hence the title of this post. I would rather rock out to this Chaka Khan I am listening to right now, then go into details, and I am sure you understand. Sometimes we need to just let loose at the end of the day. This isn't the end of day for me, it's midnight, but that should say something about my concept of a "work day".

"I take every little thing I do, give it up, give it all up, for you. I mean every little thing, it's true!..."

Miss Chaka says it all. Finger snapping Jessy, signing out.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful piece Jess! Great job! :) I love it!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love this piece! I can actually feel movement into better dimensions, like windows opening from Heaven!

J C said...

Nice work! Love your colors. I am especially fond of Eternal Embrace and The Building With Many Rooms. I linked here from Angela's. Nice to meet you. :)

Philip said...

Like the colour range - especially the amount of white. Works very well!