Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Your Light Goes On And On And On And On

On and On and On
lyrics by the band Wilco

On and on and on we’ll stay together yeah
On and on and on we’ll be together yeah
You and I will try to stay together yeah
On and on and on we’ll be together yeah

Please don’t cry we’re designed to die
Don’t deny what’s inside
On and on and on we’ll stay together yeah
On and on and on
On and on and on

One day we’ll disappear together in a dream
However short or long our lives are going to be
I will live in you or you will live in me
Until we disappear together in a dream

Please don’t cry we’re designed to die
You can’t deny even the gentlest tide
On and on and on we’ll be together yeah
On and on and on
On and on and on
We’re going to try

Please don’t cry
This world of words and meanings makes you feel
Something that you feel already
deep inside
You’ve denied
Go ahead and cry

On and on and on we’ll stay together yeah
On and on and on
On and on and on

You and I will stay together yeah
You and I will try to make it better yeah


This song may have been written for a lover, but for me, it applies to all forms of loving someone, all relationships and bonds of love, including family and friends. Lyrics are one thing. The music is another. You need to listen to this song to hear all of the other non verbal layers of meaning. I found a live recording on youtube at

Together this song and this image can say what I cannot put into words right now exactly, but I'm going to try.


a message to jack......

blue eyed beauty
you woke with the dawn
ready for a new day
that is your way....

early riser, eager engager of life
you lived to the fullest
and gave even more
that is your way

so shy of praise
humble and proud
sure to be the first to arrive
that is your way

there for your kin as a rock
through winds of change
giving before thinking
that is your way

never asking for much
but wanting the best
for all whom you cared for
that is your way

working through strife
but keeping it together
because you never imagined another way
that is your way

in all ways we'll miss you
in all ways we'll remember you
in all ways we'll love you and thank you for being you

IN LOVING MEMORY OF JOHN (otherwise known as Jack) TORRANT
my wonderful grandpa - i love you so much


Anonymous said...

Ohhh how wonderful Jess!This shows that your Grandfather was and is still a bright light to you. Thanks for sharing with us!

Anonymous said...

jess i am so sorry.....

jack is shining out from everything. he was so lucky to have a lady like you for his only grand-daughter (you gave the love of 12 afterall), and he knew it.

he was a cool dude. and he could dance like a mo' fo'! ladies love jack...

LL cool jack ...


Anonymous said...

When did this happen? I thought it was long ago...that's why I said what I did. I'm sorry if I offended you by not remembering...I didn't mean to.
You are always in my thoughts and prayers!

Unknown said...

thank you lady "anon" - love you honey and he got to dance with my two foxy soul sisters, you being one of them. lucky jack, indeed!

angela, no need to feel bad whatsoever. you are a seriously kind and loving and giving person, i would never take any offense to a thing you'd say. so there's no need to be nervous. my grandpa passed yesterday. you assuming it was a while ago is understood.

*speaking about myself* who does that - posting about a loved one's passing that very day? but that's how i guess i deal with death. i go in and out of taking it all in. day one (yesterday) i was totally withdrawn, and going from honoring my grandpa with certain personal rituals or prayers, to diving into work because he was such an active person that appreciated hard work. it's odd how i respond to each person's death based a little on their personality and my relationship to them...

today was more reflective and i didn't feel that need to distract myself from my sorrow as much. today i celebrated my grandpa's spirit and freedom a lot more. the next few days are going to be tough, but i do believe he is very ok where he is, and yes i do belive he is somewhere. he is home.

so angela, please do not feel bad in any way. your first comment made me smile and i felt that you hit the nail on the head of what i was trying to initially say - his light goes on and on... you got it from the start and it's ok to be positive about that. i appreciate it. you have a bright light that always makes me smile. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting my mind at ease. :)Putting your emotions into your art,is a beautiful way to honor your grandfather! You asked who does that. I do that too. I am sure that many artist's do that but perhaps they lack the ability to explain it as well as you.
You may think that I have a bright light but takes one to know one. Great minds think alike. I did not have the self-asteem to say that before but I can say it now. Thanks to you!
You have an outstanding bright light in what you share with others. :) I admire you for that!

Mary said...

Jessica you are so talented and it amazes me how you come up with such an array of creations. Your creativity is going constantly.

I love the last image, the colors are so awesome.

Mary said...

Jessica, I'm sorry I missed the part of your Grandfather. My thoughts and prayers are with you.