Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A piece of heaven called Hermit Island

I am an island, originally uploaded by livefunky.

Last weekend I spent a fabulous few days with two of my best friends camping on Hermit Island in Maine. Apparently this park is so popular, you need to reserve a spot a year in advance during the "on" season. Luckily, we were several weeks before that time begins, so we had our pick of the litter.

The three of us have our deep connections to the Maine seacoast, so just driving up and seeing the "Welcome to Maine: The Way Life Should Be" sign on 95 had us so excited. We ended up picking an incredible site overlooking a cove. We made a fire, and watched the full moon rise and sparkle on the water. It was magic. The little shop there had lobsters and clams that they boil up for you for a dollar and a half! So we had a feast at our campsite, toasting plastic travel wine glasses and savoring every "fresh out of the ocean" bite. Did I go in the water? Yes I did. I had to honor the Torrant tradition of braving the biting cold Maine waters. It was shocking - but very worth it.

We did some drawings in the sand, and took our time wandering around, soaking in the majestic views. You can see more pictures of our trip at

So... I'm an artist, oh yeah. You'd get the feeling I do nothing but travel and live it up. Well, these days, that's what I've been doing. It's been a non stop run since about this time last year when my husband and I got to get away from it all on our honeymoon. Since then it's been work work work in overdrive. It's been thrilling, but I am welcoming this break right now. And regrouping.

I've got some new ideas about directions I want to take my art, my business, etc, etc. Now is the time to stop and think and work out my plan. I'm taking a break to think but also to rediscover myself and my work. Things are in motion, and it will only be a matter of weeks before I can really get moving in these new directions. It's exciting.

Hope everyone is enjoying this time of year. :)

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Anonymous said...

You are definitely right about reserving a year early. I have been going to Hermit Island now for five years and my family never misses a year. It is just the kind of place that one calls their second home, it is so amazing there. Anyway, my family always has to book a year in advance to get one of the good beachfront campsites. By the time 10 months before prime season comes around,all the good ones are gone, and by the tiems 6 months before prime season comes, virtually every one of the 255 island campsites is booked. If you are going, be sure to book early. Overall, this is easily the best campground I have ever been to because there is not a single one like it.