Friday, January 12, 2007

Warm Blanket

Warm Blanket, originally uploaded by jtorrant.

Today I got some painting done, and this is the only piece that I feel is complete. I am calling this Warm Blanket because of the layers of warm tones. I just feel comfy when I look at this. Like the layers of color are tucking me in.

It must be the change in the weather around here. This winter in New England has been a record breaking warm one so far. I am a lover of sun and Summer, but I must admit I've felt more offput than thankful for the freaky temps. Now at last, real winter is approaching, and all I want to do is make stew, find a warm blanket, and huddle inside. I am such a seasonal person. I am aware of my cycles more than ever right now. Everything in my life revolves around cycles, as life is in itself. Paula Manning-Lewis's paintings just came to mind...

It's all good.


Cynthia said...

Can I send you our winter? It's ironic that one of the reasons my family left New England is because of the harsh long winter, and now Colorado is enjoying a record breaking snowy and cold one. We will have mounds of snow until June I think.

This does remind me of a blanket, or more precisely a quilt. I love the warm colors, my favorites!

Anonymous said...

It make's me think of a being warm under a blanket Jess! I'm sorry if I haven't been able to look at your work as much lately. This piece is wonderful! GREAT WORK!

jafabrit said...

oh this is really nice, the colours and composition.

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

LOVE this painting, makes me feel all warm and cozy! I find I'm usually drawn to the more earthy colors.
Funny, Cynthia says the cold winters are what made her family leave New England, ditto on that one. The snow is finally almost gone here and I can hardly wait for some warmer days to come!

Thanks for mentioning my paintings in the context of cycles, that's how I see my spirals, cycles of life!