Thursday, July 26, 2007

Two steps forward, one step back, really means one step forward

Mind Machine, originally uploaded by livefunky.

Ok. I admit it. Life does not go in a straight line. Just like art, some pieces of the beginning intentions shine through, others are reworked over and over or wiped out completely.

I opened a little bit ago for my digital creations. I wanted to keep them separate from my fine art creations at Once I got going with it, the more the lines blurred between fine art and digital art - and well, art is art. So I've decided to close IllustrationStation and keep all of my creations in one place - my first shop (hehe and true love) livefunky.

Maybe I'm just a little worried people will think that my multiple interests/mediums means that I'm not focused as an artist. I am always going against that idea in my mind from both angles. One voice says to keep things clean and consistent, the other says "follow your instincts - some artists work that way - be yourself!". As usual, I've got dichotomy working for and against me at all times - hahahahaha

(which actually fits quite well with this image, me thinks...)

Anyway, I thought of "updating" my blog posts (which really means edit out the fact that I jumped into a new shop then backed out of it asap) but why do that? That erases the truth of my journey which has been categorically NOT in a straight line. We learn from our mistakes and we learn from other people's mistakes too. I know a lot of us blogging artists are eager to read other artist's blogs to learn from their lessons.

Yesterday I went through livefunky and edited every listing that mentioned my other shop, and I put all of my IllustrationStation listings in edit mode (besides two in treasury lists - that's what really made me sad I never went with one shop right from the get go :( - mLee - I've gotta say, you said 1 shop only and you were right!!!:)

It's all good. I'm happy to have made the choice and to be following thru with setting things up for a steady future. If I opened a gallery to show my own work, I'd include all of it under one roof. The same should apply to my online gallery.

Carry on.
:) jct


Anonymous said...

That seems to be a sound business decision. I too often wonder about having a 'style' when I move from medium to medium. But maybe when choosing to work more abstracted you take the viewer on a journey through 'you' and why can't that 'you' change? being the same could mean you are stuck and not pushing yourself?hmmmm...philosophy off the top of my head, i hope it makes some sense...
I really like your work 'elegance' that is in your shop

Anonymous said...

I think that you should not to worry about what others think Jess. You are a wonderful person and make outstanding choices yourself. Then again who am I to say that? I worry like there is no tomorrow! One thing that I do know is that everything happens for a reason.Just follow your heart and see where it leads you Jess! Remember I learned that because of YOU! *HUGS*

jafabrit said...

>>>Maybe I'm just a little worried people will think that my multiple interests/mediums means that I'm not focused as an artist.<<<

I have heard that and I say poo to that. my focus *is* ART,and whatever art I produce means I have focussed enough to create it lol! Each piece is a representation of me, now how consistent is that :)

Trust your instincts :)

Anonymous said...

well, it's been 2 months and i just learned of this! i'm so happy you kept the blog describing your journey as an artist/manager. AND it is very helpful lesson for others too. your friends and fans want to be in the know:)