Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Let's Go Etsy!

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I had a productive day today. Every day I wake up I want the sort of energy I had today. The go get 'em, multi tasking, devouring of work from when I wake till I can't see straight attitude that either creates a great painting day, or a great marketing day.

Today was a marketing day. I listed so much on Etsy. I know it's best to space it out but when I'm actually inspired to attack my Etsy store I've got to ride that wave until it fades away. When I can get into and enjoy that part of my "job" I like to get as much accomplished as possible because tomorrow I could wake up and only want to paint. And that can stick for a week.

Considering I haven't gotten into a real painting spell (I am in a studio transition at the moment) I hope I have another day like today tomorrow. And maybe I can finally get to redesigning my website.... hmmm we shall see...

Until then, hope all is well!

1 comment:

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

WOW! You weren't kidding when you said you listed a lot in your shop yesterday!! I need some of that enthusiasm!