Friday, January 18, 2008

Now We're Talking

You are looking at a new canvas with the first strokes of paint, purple + yellow makes a brown that sings.... with my pie plate palette, a reused Tupperware thing with water, and my thoroughly paint splattered coffee table.

My first paintings of this year were in watercolor, which really isn't my natural medium. And this was after enough of a break that it was a bit of a challenge to get back into the groove. Even when I did, I still wasn't happy. But I haven't been very happy lately, period. It's nothing serious, nothing horrible, just the winter blues, I guess. I haven't been miserable, but I'm a person that likes to feel PUMPED UP! and happy as often as humanly possible.

Well, today has been a very positive day, in part because I read the India section of Eat Pray Love last night. I read the Italy part a few months ago and then put the book down, knowing that I wouldn't be ready for what the writer discovered in India until I was in the right place. Yesterday was the right time. I am so empowered and inspired. I won't get all spiritual here, it's not the right place for it, but I will say that we all have our own spiritual path that makes sense to us, and sometimes we know we are deviating but simply don't care. Maybe it's because we're stubborn, or it feels too good to wallow in self pity, or we simply think we "don't have time". I've found that for me, when I open myself to the potential of growth and learning, there is fear at first, but if I can kick my attention in the right direction and follow through anyway, it ends up showing me the very keys to get out of whatever funk I'm in. Everything else just comes tumbling (in a positive sense) after.

So with this new energy, I busted out a new canvas I got for Christmas (thank goodness my family knows to get me art supplies) and my acrylic paints, and as soon and my brush pushed that gorgeous, squishy paint around I couldn't help but think "ahhhh.... my love, how I've missed you so". 2008 might just be a kick ass year after all.

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Martha Marshall said...

Thanks for that uplifting post, Jessica. It's just what I need right at the moment. Yes, it sometimes becomes necessary just to put our feet on the path again.

I'm going to get that book!