Monday, October 20, 2008

Surrounded by Roses

Here is my latest drawing digitally colored in Illustrator. I think it speaks to connecting to my feminine side a little more lately, at least in my heart and spirit. Also, it's about surrounding myself with the pure and beautiful elements of life. There is so much hate/war/ugliness in the world that sometimes I need to close my eyes and block it all out and only think of lovely things like sunshine and rainbows. You can call it avoidance, I call it survival!

This image is now available as a hand signed print in my Etsy shop at


Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

This is a gorgeous illustration and I love your sentiment... it IS survival and what a terrific way to survive it is. Creating instead of retreating in the face of ugliness and hate.


warm wishes

Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

p.s..... I hope you don't mind I featured you on my blog today. :)


Anonymous said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful.


Anonymous said...

It's outstanding Jess!!! I love it! I think that being able to do that is a gift Jess. There is alot of hate, etc. in the world. I do the same thing....trying to ignore it all. I just don't want to be a part of it.
Wonderful work!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!