Saturday, November 08, 2008

Continuing to branch out...

Today was another day looking around the web for interesting art sites. I found a few that I put on the backburner because they have membership fees, but I discovered Artbreak today which is free to sign up and sell on (with a 7.5% commission rate). I think Boundless Gallery and others like it are designed with buyers in mind most importantly. There isn't much social networking potential, but that's ok, there will always be the Etsy forums for that!

But with my very brief experience now with Artbreak I like that it has a very interactive feel between the artists on the site. I'll be playing around on there for the next hour or so looking at all of the great art! Here is my page on Artbreak If you click on the bold artbreak logo in the top left it will take you to the home page. You may notice I have the same paintings I have on Boundless. I know it's against Etsy rules to post your listings elsewhere so that's been driven into me as a no-no. But looking into how other artists on BG are marketing their art, I saw the same paintings on multiple sites so I figured why not me too!? The odds of selling the same higher end painting in the same day are pretty low (working to change that!) and I'm online every day.

One more thing before I bounce back to Artbreak... Please come to my BG page and vote for me in the Black Friday contest! It's free and easy to sign up as a Customer. Here's the details...

The 2nd annual "Black Friday @ Boundless" contest is here, giving you the opportunity to support your favorite Boundless artists and win! 8 lucky artists will be featured on the Boundless homepage during the biggest shopping day of the year.

How to Play:
• Sign In or Create an Account.
•Vote for your favorite artist on their profile page before Friday, November 21st.
•Visit Boundless on Black Friday, November 28th, and vote on the top 8.

Everyone who votes in both rounds will automatically be entered to win.

Customer Prizes:
Grand Prize $300 Gift Certificate
Runner-Up $100 Gift Certificate


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Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

Thank you for sharing these sites Jessica. Your work looks lovely there! I will log in and vote for you ;)

I too have been looking for additional venues to sell my work. I am beginning to get a little discouraged with Etsy and it's bargain shopping mentality. It's ok for small works, I suppose, but I feel like there must be a better venue out there for art!