Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Her Journey

Her Journey - Acrylic, paper and acrylic medium on masonite, 2004.
Now available at

This painting has been in my own personal collection for some time now. I'm so connected to it, I don't think I've ever offered it for sale. Last night I had a dream that a woman was looking through a stack of paintings but couldn't find the one she wanted. I brought out a box of never before seen paintings and she fell in love with this one. That told me it's time to set her free - there's someone out there that needs this painting more than me now.


Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

Jessica, I LOVE this piece and see why you wouldn't want to part with it. There is a whole world in there. I give you a lot of credit for listing it... there are certain pieces I could never part with!

Martha Marshall said...

Jessica, it's hard to part with some pieces that hold special meaning. I'm sure this painting is going to find the person who is meant to have it and who will love it as much as you do!