Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tests = Lessons Learned

Test One, Test Two:
Front, back

These two pendants are the best of the test subjects so far. I played around with using original art on paper and prints under the glass and I will continue to explore that, but I really like the look of these one of a kind reverse paintings/mixed media pieces. I worked with layers of acrylic paint, tissue paper, acrylic gel medium/varnish and a decorative paper backing. The whole look that I'm going for and the right materials to make that happen isn't quite there yet, but I learned a lot from these test works and they serve as a good taste for what you can expect in my Etsy shop shop very soon.


Mary said...

Jessica your art is nonstop and I think your latest paintings are superb and I think a great success.

Shana said...

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Ren said...

Very nice. I think it shows your devotion to producing great work, that you're willing to do many tests before finalizing a new idea. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Wooo their absolutely great Jess! I love them!!! The person that get's them with have a piece of art around their neck!!! :) Thanks for sharing with us!