Thursday, April 15, 2010

Live painting 4/15

I made it to just shy of the ten minute limit - this one is for you Sherrill from Montréal!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Jessica.

I was counting down the seconds on that last one. I was going to lose sleep if I didn't see the colour going on that last one. Haha.

Are we going to see what happens with these next?

Just love watching the process. It helps me not to fear 'screwing up' and just going for it.

Thanks so much Jessica. And, will stay tuned.


Rowena said...

This was awesome. Thanks for sharing it. I just stumbled on over here as I was browsing (I favorited your etsy shop a long time ago) and I'm glad I dropped by.

This is inspiring me to do some more loose painting. I love the layers you make, with the light coming through, and it seems so effortless.

I do wonder what is going through your head as you are painting. What is the vision you see?

Unknown said...

Hi Sherrill - I was really pushing it to the last moment for you! haha I do feel like worrying about messing it up is such a creative buzz kill. It's just paint - you can paint over and over it! I also like the look of work/rework in abstracts - the idea that you are free, you express and then step back and reconsider, then do it all over again until some little voice says "that's it". Have fun painting Sherrill! One of my painterly mentors told me to try painting with my left hand to really get a free sense of stroke. It's a nifty exercise, you should try it sometime and see what new marks you discover!

Rowena - Thank you for stopping by! What goes through my mind... hmm... I know SOMETHING's happening up there but I can't find words for it. My painting process is a lot more physical/visual/emotional than intellectual. I have a repertoire of familiar gestures and techniques that I rely on at the same time as wanting to be open to what strikes me in the moment. I guess the only question going through my mind is "what do I want to see now?" and I follow through with that, often with results that I wouldn't have expected. Some get scrapped, some stick around, some become my new favorite thing and I'll stretch it into a multi painting series. I commend artists that have a pre existing "vision" before they paint. My process relies on surprises, enlightening mistakes and intuitive guidance.

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

OMG! I have missed this!!!! :-O

The real you! Painting! Me commenting before I've even watched it!

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

That was so exciting! I want to see part 2 :)