Friday, May 06, 2011

As Deep as the Ocean...

As Deep as the Ocean, as High as the Sky

This new painting is not for sale as it is a wedding gift for my friends Nicole and Matt that got married late last year. I was lucky enough to be there for the wedding and in fact in the wedding as a bride's maid - a position that made me extremely uncomfortable given that I'm entirely too emotional at weddings, let alone the wedding of a friend I've known for 20+ years (yikes!). We all had such a blast celebrating the big day and when it came for the wedding itself, well, I was a mess. It was as if my emotions being so restrained acted out in random ways - I swear I was about to lose it either sobbing or giggling like a maniac. Poor Nicole, what was she thinking? But, I kept it together enough to not hog the spot light making every guest question, "WHAT is UP with that girl?" and the after party was one to go down in history.

This painting not only represents their deep love for one another, but it also is inspired by the ocean - something that plays a major role in their Floridian lives. Matt is a boat man and a master fisherman and Nicole is now his first mate. :)


The Smarty Planner said...

Absolutely beautiful! What lucky newlyweds they must be to have this stunner on their wall! :)

Betty Refour said...