Thursday, February 16, 2012

Looking Ahead Take 2

"Softly She Whispered..." - Acrylic on 24" x 36" canvas, 2011

If you happened to catch one of my earlier posts from about a month ago (I just took it down so there is no confusion), I had set up a new website to sell my paintings. After some time figuring out how things worked on that site, I realized there were some problematic issues that prevented me from being 100% convinced I made the right decision. Facing "make it work or move on", I decided to let it go and refocus on my Etsy shop. Etsy isn't perfect either, but weighing the pros and cons, it became a no-brainer to make the most of my Etsy shop. So! There ya go. Once again I have publicly jumped up and down about something only to say, "No, wait, um, hold on a minute, actually..." But that's how it goes when you share your process on a blog, right? 

Anyway, I am excited to get back into the flow again on Etsy and more importantly IN THE STUDIO! I am going to share two of my new 2012 paintings that got deleted in that older post. Thanks for bearing with me! 

Blizzard - Acrylic on 18" x 24" canvas, 2012

Four Seasons - Acrylic on 18" x 24" canvas, 2012


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Lovely! These are so "alive" somehow!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much! And a very happy birthday to afiori! :)

Pa Ul said...

These are fabulous. Great work.