Thursday, April 25, 2013

Studio Clean-Up Round 2

If you read my last post you know I have been on quite the cleaning kick lately.  After getting the porch area cleaned out, I tackled the indoor area which was much more disheveled and disorganized.  I had a couch in this space that served no purpose (I never sat on it) so I took that out of there which opened up a LOT of space as well as the dresser that I moved out to the porch.

This is my new art storage area.  I used the shelving that originally went with the work table outside that perfectly lined up with the spacing between boards.  Foam core boards give some stability to the larger paintings on top and a piece of board was used on the bottom to connect the bottom shelves which keeps my 16x20's off the ground in the middle.  It's still not a perfectly ideal storage solution, but it's better than what I had been using.

I went through the dresser on the porch and organized each drawer.  Above (from left) you'll see one for brushes, one for drawing materials, and one for water media.

Here you'll see my new shipping/framing table with various tools, hardware and shipping supplies tucked below.  To the left is my stack of paintings that still need work and/or can be painted over.  They are right by the sliding glass door that leads out to the porch so they are ready to go with easy access.

Here is the view looking out to the porch.  On the left are paintings that need some TLC due to slight damage or other issues.  On the right are my canvases waiting to go and up above the door is a collection of trinkets I've collected and special paintings that remind me of my favorite places, people or states of mind.  An "inspiration shelf" if you will.

And finally, I just had to share this picture of my beautiful one eyed boy Leo who posed for me in front of the studio.  What you may not be able to get a sense of is the fact that his entire body is tense with anticipation of me throwing a frisbee in one hand while I snapped the shot with the other.  He looks so calm and docile here but in reality he was seconds away from sprinting full steam ahead after his wonderous flying friend.


Deana Mattos said...

Congrats, lovely studio, good work. Now throw that fisbee for your good dog.

Anonymous said...

The organization is inspiring! What an awesome place to create! Love the picture of Leo.... :-)

Alysa said...

This is cool!