Friday, November 24, 2006

Giving Thanks Today 11/23/06

This is my golden boy, Leo. He is my beloved "son" (first dog where I am Mommy), angel, and best friend. Leo and I shared Thanksgiving together today. He didn't mind that I had a cold, he just wanted to be close, and maybe get to eat my used tissues (which turned my stomach much like it's turning yours now - in fact, sorry I shared that detail).

Yesterday I was fighting the cold feelings. Trying to tell myself I wasn't really feeling that sore throat, that my nasal passages were fine, and I'd be bumping elbows with family members in just 24 hours. This morning there was no denying it. The idea of going to my in law's house and spreading my sickness to hoards of little children, then going off to see my own family including a few elder kin that do not need their immune systems challenged, was not an option. As my husband left in clean slacks and all, I felt left out, but couldn't feel too sorry for myself, this was Thanksgiving after all.

Giving thanks....

Okay, so I have a cold. It will pass. So I didn't get a meal with my family today - my husband brought me home a plate. All is well in Jessyville. The point is I HAVE a family, they are okay and healthy, and so am I (ultimately). I have a man that loves me even when I'm sick and gross, and kids that love me even though I'm not related to them by blood, and a dog that loves me no matter what. I have been blessed with many surrounding my life that have encouraged my art and I have been able to encourage others with their passion for art. I have a roof over my head as it rains tonight. I am able to call my Mom tomorrow and just talk. I can walk, talk, hear, see, smell, think, feel - all those things and so many more are true blessings in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody, I am thankful for you too!

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Martha Marshall said...

Awww, he's so precious. No, nothing turns my stomach. I have three little furry people of the canine variety. Two in feline. Aren't they the most unbelievable spirits?

Thank you for finding my blog. I love, love your paintings. Keep up the great work, Jessica!