Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hooray for Scorpios!!

I knew I'd find something right for my two Scorpios at Free Will Astrology - the great Rob Brenzy writes horoscopes like haikus, and always manages to get you right in the gut. My husband's birthday is tomorrow, November 16, and my mom's is Nov. 18. The two biggest loves of my life born two days apart - coincidence? I think not.

So here's what Rob Brenzy had to offer for Scorpios this week.

..... You were standing in the doorway with your crooked smile as big and wild as the morning light. I was spellbound--lost all memory of who I'd been before that moment. You were as shockingly real as the perfect giant spider web stretched across my front porch when I left my house today. Did I hallucinate what you said as you murmured into your cell phone? Or did you really say, "I'm looking for someone who'll teach me how to live forever as we make love with exploding hearts"? That was too sweet and fierce to bear. So here's my loving complaint, which is also my bragging promise: I want you so much I want to be you. I adore you with such painful lucidity that I think I could learn how to find you in every bird's cry, every cloud's flow, every changing face...... words from

Phew! I had to take a moment to re-read that a few times. It's a beautiful mirror of how I see my Scorpios, and how I feel towards them. I feel in awe of both of them - their enduring grace and humor, insight, beautiful, magnificent spirits that shine like a magnetic auras around them, drawing us near. I also read this and think of their own mind speaking - such fiercely passionate beings. I have felt that level of passion from both of them - the desire to merge with all of life's splendor - being so in tune with it all. I have felt the overwhelming levels of their love, encompassing me so that yes, we ARE one.

Tonight I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you both! My greatest supporters - two big brown eyed loveys with the biggest hearts I've ever experienced. I love you both so much...

As for me & art, I have been thinking more than doing. Visions of what's to come are floating through my mind, and I'm excited to see these ideas come to life.


Maria Sanchez said...

Oh my ! my husband is Scorpio and mom is one too. Both share the same birthday Nov 18th. I feel the same way about them two very passionate important people in my life.

Unknown said...

So Maria S. now I'm intrigued - are you also a Taurus? My birthday is May 12. What's your horoscope?

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

thanks for sharing that! I'm a scorpio myself and I'm very passionate about everything in my life.