Wednesday, February 07, 2007

7th Day Sale

original ink and watercolor, 2007

In honor of my favorite number, I've decided to start offering sales on every 7th day of the month. Today I am starting things off with a BIG sale - buy one painting get a second painting of equal or less value for FREE!! This sale extends to as many pieces as you like, so you could get 20 pieces for the price of 10 if you wanted. :) Check out my shop at and have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Great work Jess!!!!! I love it! Make's me think of "The Phantom Of the Opera" OUTSTANDING!

Mary said...

Jessica, I have been slow visiting blogs lately but I will get back more often.
I just love your work and I know you will have lots of luck on your sales.

Unknown said...

What a cool idea! I wish you much success.

Unknown said...

Lovely texture!! Beautiful painting!