Monday, March 19, 2007

"I've got to admit it's getting better, a little better all the time"

Here's Leo! Our brave and wonderful little/big boy! This picture was taken yesterday. You can see Emily's hand is on his head, Rob is behind him on the computer, and one of Derek Shockey's paintings on the wall on the top right. (visit his website at )

This weekend was amazing. It all started on Friday with our drive up to get Leo. It was the thick of the noreaster snowstorm, and 84 was a wreck. We went about 30 the whole way plowing through chunky, icy snow. Once we got to the Mass Pike, the roads were much better (what's up Connecticut? if MA can do it, we should be able to, too!).

Walking back into the animal hospital with excitement and smiles, we were in such a different state of mind than everyone else. We were able to actually look around and take other people in (didn't do that the first time around), and we could feel the anxious energy all around us from the collection of nervous, waiting pet owners. It hung thick in the air, stagnant, everyone glazed over watching the Animal Channel on the TV, and almost resenting the animal bloopers show with canned laughter that seemed to mock their sincere pain and fear. As if owning and loving a pet was that easy and joyful. One goofy moment after another causing laughter and smiles. We all wished.

It took a while for them to get Leo. I felt like I was going to pass out, and kept sucking down big gulps of water at the water fountain, at one point resisting my own animal urge to dunk my head in the cold stream of water and shake it off. When he came out, it was clear he was in a state of shock and confusion. It took a moment for him to realize we were standing there and as soon as he did, all he wanted to do was drive his head into my legs. The assistant had the big, plastic collar off of him to show us how to put it on. After a momentary struggle including all four of us, we got it on, and walked out the door with our love. He got in the backseat and we wanted to just sit and pet him but the storm had picked up and we had to get back on the road as soon as possible.
Rob was superman getting us home that evening. I kept turning around to nurture Leo, and every time I turned back to the road, there was another car off the side of the highway, or spun around backwards, or being hauled off by a tow truck, crunched. Along the way, Emily sent a text message that she was on her way up. We were thinking, 'oh no, don't come!', but she was already halfway there.

We got home and spent the next few hours petting and loving our Leo, and trying not to freak out about every hour that passed with no Emily. She finally arrived around 10:30. It took her four hours to get from southern CT to our house. That was one nasty storm none of us should have been driving through!

Once she arrived it was the last thing to fret about on a check list of worries we've had for the last week. The rest of the weekend felt so amazing to have everyone safe and sound. Total homebody weekend, including lots of love, good food and wine, Trivial Pursuit, drawing, movies, talking, all the while petting our little sweetie.
Leo seemed to be in a lingering state of shock at first, and paired with natural exhaustion, which could also be affected by his meds, he's been hanging low. Lots of rest. Today I saw some of the Leo pep I'm used to, and it was very comforting to see. He's doing what he needs to do - rest and HEAL. I'm happy that he isn't resisting that, and in turn, the scar seems to be healing very quickly. Most of the swelling has gone down, and knock on wood, everything looks ok. I called my vet in Enfield today to thank them/her for expiditing the situation. My deepest thanks go to Amelia at the Enfield Animal Hospital here in CT, and Dr. Jurk up at Tufts. Thank you so very, very much.

I'll share a picture of Leo's full face once more healing has happened. He is a beautiful boy and is very proud too! In the picture above, you can see why his new nickname is Bright Eye.


Anonymous said...

Aww Jess! What a sweet, brave boy he is! I am sooo glad that everythings alright. :) What a trooper!
How long does the doctor say he has to wear that thing around his neck? I bet that can be a pain! I bet it's nothing compared to the feeling of having him back though. :)
Anyhoo, I am really glad that you are alright! *HUGS*

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Leo!

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

What a gorgeous puppy! I'm so happy to read that he's home and doing well!

jafabrit said...

phew! I am exhausted reading this, but soooooooooooo glad he is safe and home and you had a good weekend with those you love.

jafabrit, a doggie lover too

Anonymous said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful boy...

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

thank you everyone! he's doing much better today too. :) love to you all.

Cynthia said...

I'm so glad to see that Leo is back home with his family and that you all made it safely through the Noreaster!