Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Layers and Levity

I took this shot last night after I finished Layers and Levity (seen below). After several days of adding layer after layer of fabric, paper, and paint, the last "blast" was done working on the floor with me standing over it painting with a wide, wet brush. It allowed me to work the surface all over in a different way then on an easel. I like the way the wet areas dried and created different textures.

Mixed media on canvas, 20" x 30", 2007


Anonymous said...

Wonderful work Jess! The textures look great! *HUGS*

Meghan Henley said...

Wow, I am LOVING THIS!!!! I will be home this weekend to paint and am so looking forward to digging in after looking at your latest; such inspiring stuff!

jafabrit said...

I really like all the bold beautiful colours peeking through the shades of green.