Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New big paintings on Etsy!

The Question
24" x 36" acrylic on canvas, 2006
Available at

Today I listed a bunch of paintings on Etsy that I scooped up from my studio in Indian Orchard. These pieces have only been seen at our open studio shows, and I'm excited to share them with my online community finally! I didn't do any painting today (just listing on Etsy), but I did a lot of thinking about painting.... we'll see how that manifests itself tomorrow in the studio.


artofandrewdaniel said...

Nice Piece! I like the movement and transparency!

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Gorgeous! I'm on my way over to your etsy shop to see more! :)

Elis Cooke said...

Ummm! I love this one... it has a lovely vitality and glow!! and I am sooo jealous of your studio! it looks awesome! I think you will create even greater work because you feel good there!!! Looking forward to the inspiration! Blissings ! namaste Elis.