Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Preparing for the New Year

Howdy folks. I've been fighting a beast of a cold for the past week. Knock on wood the worst is over but I still need to take it easy. I can't stand being sick and I can't stand being slowed down! But I obviously needed this break. I just want to be better for Christmas.

Since painting hasn't been an option (no energy, dizzy standing) I'm working on reorganizing my Etsy shop. I've got a sale section now which you can see by clicking here

Basically I am clearing out some older work to make way for new paintings and prints. My plan is to create a new shop on Etsy just for my "gallery collection" of original fine art. This will feature only the best of the best. I'll be working in series with the highest quality paints and materials. I'm going to hold off on telling you the link name until I have set up the shop, but it's something I am very excited about.

Since I've had such success with livefunky, I'm keeping that shop too - but of course! Livefunky will feature all affordable art, including prints, ACEOs, sketches, etc.

The reason why I'm doing all of this is to make some sense out of the mounds of artwork I have accumulated! Cleaning out the studio was the wake up call of just how much work I've got. I need to seriously go through everything and make a few piles/stacks.

Art that I don't want to sell because it's special - That should either be hanging in my own home or passed on to someone I love.

Art I don't want to sell because it's not good enough - I need to figure out what to do with the loads of art I have held onto that's just random. Sketches that never went anywhere, paintings that have a tear, you name it. I can't sell it but I can't part with it either. I guess the only answer is to find some sturdy tupperware bins and just store them away. Who knows, maybe my random sketches would be worth something to my kids someday?

Art that I do want to sell - These go to Etsy, and if they've been on there for a long time and haven't sold, they go on sale or get taken off to be part of a collection of "give away" art since I always include freebies for buyers.

That's my plan for all of my finished artwork. My plan for art that is yet to be is this...

MY PASSION - Time to raise the bar with my paintings. Invest in higher quality materials for new "gallery collection". Paint in series/groups. These will be my babies... :)

MY EVERYDAY - Even though I'll be raising the bar (and prices, by the way) of my fine art paintings, I'll still be doodling, sketching and doing little experimental watercolors and paintings on paper. These will be my livefunky puppies, ready for an affordable price tag and perfect for a little dorm room, apartment or workspace.

MY SIDE PROJECTS ONLINE - I'm going to continue developing my clothing lines through Zazzle* and*. These will have special illustrations and digital designs. Expect some more of these special product lines in 2008.

There's a lot to look forward to in 2008, but for now, I need to take a nap! I need to get better to get back to work!


Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Sorry to hear you're under the weather! Seems to be going around down here too. Hope you feel better soon.

Boy do I know what you mean! I too have to do something with the piles of art in my studio. I like your thinking, I have been putting some of my older pieces up for sale on etsy. Plus I've decided to put all my higher end/gallery paintings up in my Absolute Arts portfolio. Still unsure what I'm doing over at Etsy, thinking about starting a new shop too.

Get better soon! And, have a Happy Holidays!

Martha Marshall said...

Hope you're feeling tip top soon, Jessica! I'm just getting it myself.

I like your art categories. It's nice to know we all have a similar situation -- the need to make room for more big ideas!

Martha Marshall said...

Hah! I meant to say "getting over it!!"

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica,

I'm sick and it's putting a dent in my productivity, too! I hope you get better soon--give yourself the rest you need!

When you get better, know that you've been TAGGED by me! :) To find out what this means, please visit my blog!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

love the plan. rock on, lady!


Anonymous said...

:) Jessica! This sounds wonderful! I can't wait to see the new gallery!!!

Peace & Happy New Year!