Monday, December 17, 2007

Silent Night

The sun just set red over the valley below and now the world's turned blue. I took this picture looking out our kitchen window to the backyard, the snowflake was from a Christmas crafty day here with the fam. I've got some time before the whole lot comes home and it's very peaceful sitting here, listening to the wind chimes outside and relaxing for a moment.

I hope everyone is allowing themselves some moments of peace and quiet in the mad dash of this next week. Take a deep breath. Look at the pretty lights you worked so hard setting up. Enjoy this moment with family or friends, a pet or by yourself.



Anonymous said...

I hope your festive season is going well and peacefully too.

I hope you don't mind but i have 'tagged' you on my blog.
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All the best

plasticpumpkin said...

Great shot! I just love the way snow changes its character as the light shifts throughout the day.

Martha Marshall said...

That's a gorgeous picture, Jessica. I never get to see that here in Florida, so I'm happy you shared it.

Enjoy your holiday!

Beyond the RockZ said...

Yes, allow self some moments of peace and quiet during this busy season ... thank you for the reminder!

Cynthia said...

Hope you're enjoying the holidays, Jessica - and have a terrific New Year in 2008!