Thursday, March 13, 2008

Beautiful Sunset

Illustrator version of photo below. Part of a new gallery of images at

I punched up the contrast on this picture I ran outside to take just before the sun set over the hill. There is no way to capture the briliant purples of the hillside and the way the sky looks like it's fire red. Still I think it's cool that this orb formed in the picture around the sun.

Spring IS on it's way. I have a hard time believing it, because around here we usually get all excited by a few warms days then - BAM - we get ten inches of snow or something. I can't wait for those bits of green to start popping up, the birds to return, and the sun to shine warm on my coatless back!

Patience..... Reminding myself not to wish my life away, live in the moment. Be happy here and now.

Just as an aside, what are other artists thoughts on Alchemy returning to Etsy? Anyone have any luck so far? And then there is the link in our shops to do custom orders - anyone not very happy about that? For those that are going for it, are you thinking about pricing or do you already have a system all worked out for custom orders? I've been kind of all over the map as far as past orders. I think I need to get something more solid worked out for the future.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a great day!


Unknown said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for your comment on my painting, "Deep Focus." I just went over to your husband's blog, Journal of Always, and enjoyed reading his writing, too.

I've been a backburner Etsy seller for a while, so I'm not sure what Alchemy is, and I haven't noticed the custom order button yet.

I've had my issues with Etsy and left once, only to come back at the urging of my friends. I've learned not to be annoyed with them, but to handle my shop as I see fit until I decide there's another place I'd rather offer my work.

Regarding the custom orders button, I haven't noticed it, but I'm scaling back on my commissions and I'm prepared to tell customers this despite Etsy taking the initiative of offering something I didn't offer.

I don't know what Alchemy is, though.

Anyway, thanks again for the compliment, beautiful art you share, and bringing to my attention your husband's articulate writing!

Take care,


Unknown said...

So glad you checked out Rob's blog! As far as the whole commission thing, if you go to your shop, under Profile and all that jazz you'll see a link that says "Request Custom Item" - the default message says that you don't accept them. You can change it by going into Your Etsy then Appearances.

One thing is for sure, if I do get a custom order I need to charge what is fair! I've given too many things away in the past, lessons learned.

Anonymous said...

So glad spring is around the corner - my crocus are blooming the the leaves of my tulips are starting to pop up out of the ground. That being said, snow is a possibility today.

Great photograph too - love that time of day.

I activated alchemy in my shop - and didn't really participate the first time around when I was selling on Etsy under a different name. I amused myself yesterday by going through all the requests, but haven't bid on anything. Most wish prices are on the low side.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful Jess! Spring is almost here and what a wonderful thing to capture. The beauty of mother nature. :) Wonderfully done! *HUGS*

Martha Marshall said...

Great picture, both before and after! Sunrises and sunsets are a passion of mine as well.

I don't have any alchemy experience, so am interested to see what it's all about. Custom orders I am more than happy to do! But yeah, I say they need to be priced right up there with your other original work.

Elis Cooke said...

Hi Jessica
Love the photos... both versions. I keep meaning to play around with more photo editing... but there's only so much time in a week lol! I haven't decided what to do with Alchemy option myself... but personally I charge double what I would normally charge for a size if it is commission work. I find it is a real struggle for me to make someone else's vision work with my muse so I know I have to make it worth it lol! just another opinion/ take on it. namaste Elis.

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica,

I've given things away, too--I think it's something many of us learn as we embark on the business end of our art career!

I knew somebody who called those experiences "tuition," which put a positive spin on it for me. I learned my lesson--and yes, I paid for them like a good student! :) --and now that I'm wiser, and more confident, I feel better about treating myself fairly--as a businessperson and artist.

Oh, and thanks for the directions to the custom button. I haven't bothered to click on it. :)

Take care,