Friday, April 25, 2008

Enchanted Garden - finished!

I finished the painting I was working on and it's now listed in my Etsy shop - hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful spring weather!


Kesha Bruce said...


I actually like it better in the "unedited" unstretched photo!

Just curious-- In your experience, do people prefer to buy stretched or unstretched?

MANDA-LA said...

Excuse my English, I am Brazilian. Published a photo of a your painting , I found beautiful.
You authorize me?
the address is

Unknown said...

kesha - i think this painting could have gone SO many different directions. it was a rare one, in that every step along the way I knew i could stop - but i also knew i could go further and see what was NEXT... this was a teaching painting. but it does make me so happy to hear that my first instincts in a painting are working for people. it gives me confidence in trusting that voice that says "stop - it is complete now - take this energy to the next one".

manda - thank you!

Unknown said...

kesha - i forgot to answer your other q about canvas. this is a new thing working on unstretched canvas. i am familiar with working with pre stretched or hand stretched canvases, and I'll always LOVE a stretched canvas, but I like this too because I can get a little more aggresive with my strokes on the surface. i like switching gears every now and then with materials and mediums.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE this painting. could stare for hours. magic. can't wait to visit with it in person.

ps - see you tomorrow!!! ...we've only just begun...

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Jessica,

I am quite sure I commented on this post before, but I have been hearing rumblings of blogger eating comments. :)

What I said, to the best of my memory is I really love this painting so very much! The colors and the composition are fantastic! It is also so uplifting to view it! I can imagine so many places this would look should be scooped up quickly!

Excellent, Jessica!

Anonymous said...

Must be enchanted, my garden isn't that lush yet! Reaching up to the sun. Luscious, full of energy and life.