Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lights, camera, action!

Natural light is ideal....

....but the urge to paint doesn't go down with the sun!

Let there be light in the studio!!!

Below is a work in progress - abstract, garden inspired - we'll see how much the garden concept translates literally in the finished painting.

This painting still has a ways to go. But I did do a bit of filming while I was painting it.


Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you so much for sharing this process here. That is very difficult to do as you have to remember to take the photos and do the filming when you are really into it!

Looks like it is going to be another great painting!

Thanks Jessica

Anonymous said...

Waaaay-hey! I really enjoyed watching you paint. What was the oops? Did you stick your paintbrush in your coffee cup by mistake? Loved the end! The garden painting is coming along just great.

Danelle (Indie Game Lover) said...

You say this painting has a way to go, but I actually think it is fantastic just like that. I actually just looked at the painting first and then read. I like how abstact it is and I love the colors =D


Unknown said...

kim - thank you! i tried to remember the camera any time I stopped and wanted to step back for the bigger picture "look over". looking through the tiny camera viewfinder helps reduce the overall composition to just the basics, too.

chewy - close - it was a cleaned out pickle jar with a few brushes in it. it's been a water jar before and repetition just brought my brush back there, almost like i'm "tagging" it!

thank you damdesigns. i did some more work on it today and i realized that it's one of those paintings that could go on and on and on.... we'll see how long that one takes me! (fortunately i have some other canvases in the works that are moving a little more "swiftly").

Unknown said...

Okay, that "hi!" in the beginning of the video was darling and the raspberry at the end was playful. :)

I'm a total night owl and when I do get to paint during the daytime, it's great, but I often paint at night and use lights that are so bright, I get a tan! (Keeps me warm during winter nights with the window open, too).

I loved seeing your studio and your set's inspiring.

Anyway, popped by after catching your comment on my blog and wanted to say hey but then got distracted by all the beautiful art. :)

Take care,


Daphne Enns said...

That was really fun to watch. I'm doing something wrong though because if I filmed myself painting it would be literally like watching paint dry. Your work is so fluid! I'm going to have to experiment on something different in the future. Thanks for the inspiration.