Sunday, May 18, 2008

Almost Finished

This is a new painting I've been working on the last couple of days. I've been working outside and today it decided to drizzle, then rain enough that I had to call it quits. I could have moved back into the studio, but there's other work to be done today, so this is it for now. I need a sunshine to take a fresh look at it, then add just a FEW more elements (you'd better hold me to that, I have a tendency to overwork my paintings!). This is a large acrylic painting on canvas stretched flat on a board (designed to be shipped rolled and stretched by the buyer's framer). It was primed in black gesso which is something I've never tried before and I was very pleased with how it affected my process.

I'm crossing my fingers for a sunny day tomorrow, but we're caught in a long rainy spell here in New England. Hopefully I'll have some good shots of this painting completed soon!


Andrea and Kim said...

Jessica, this is wonderful. I like the way you worked outside on this painting. Black gesso...very cool!

I know what you mean about getting those sunny days to do particular things with your painting. Does it help if I say we have some nice sun in the Washington, DC area this morning? So if you have no sun, it might be on the way...maybe!

Thanks, Jessica

Martha Marshall said...

Jessica, I love your color grids. This one reminds me of a wonderful charm quilt. Black gesso would be great as an underpainting, I think. I love it under pastel -- it seems to make the colors even richer.