Thursday, May 08, 2008

New Collages on Etsy

Past Meets Present, originally uploaded by livefunky.

Through the years I have saved almost every sketch or painting on paper I've ever made and stored them in big tupperware bins. Some are works that never really worked out, or they are partially incomplete, some have some mark of damage - a corner bent, or a smudge/stain. For a variety of reasons, these artworks never made it to the "stage" on their own right. But instead of them hiding away in a storage unit, I decided to try and give them "new life" in the form of collage.

Check out this collage and others in my Etsy shop at!

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Andrea and Kim said...

I never throw away my old stuff, either.

It is cool the way you work with these pieces to create new ones and doing a great job with it, as well. The greatest thing is to see your hand even in these doodles and older pieces...the translation is clearly right there.

Have a Great Weekend!