Saturday, July 05, 2008

Reuniting with eBay

Here's Looking At You - original ink and crayon ACEO by Jessica Torrant, 2006
Now available at - search "Torrant" to find all of my current auctions.

Ok, I know. I broke up with eBay two years ago, what am I doing going back now? Well, as I was fishing around on the Etsy forums (lurking like I often do) I came across a thread (one of the thousands) about not underselling your work. The very reason I love Etsy is the reason why this whole summer sale thing might not be such a good fit there. In general, the Etsy community of buyers and sellers expect quality and prices reflect that. There's a wariness of lower prices - "Is the seller desperate? That's not a good sign." "Is the work sub par? It must be at that price." My whole plan is to unveil a new body of work with higher prices. I wouldn't want that transition to be a real shock going from unusually low prices to unusually high prices. So, I decided to take some of my older work that I don't have on Etsy and list it on eBay. eBay buyers are excited to get bargains - that's part of the fun of it! I'm going to see how these listings go and if they are worth my while. If so, I'm going to keep slowly chipping away at my older work, listing it on eBay. I'll keep you all in touch if I do.

In the meantime, the wheels are spinning thinking about my new collection. I can't wait to get started! Soon.... first I need to max out this summer sale, then I need to set my studio up JUST SO for a prime working space. Good times!


Maria Catalina Wiley said...

Hi Jessica,
Thank you for your visit and leaving me such a nice message! So, you have a Hungarian background too?? I have looked at all your sites and your work is amazing! You are a very prolific artist. I wonder how long you have been painting? I loved reading your blog posts & look forward to your new work!
cheers from Down Under, Central Queensland, Maria

Martha Marshall said...

Jessica, the idea of eBay has been tugging at me too a little bit. I haven't been active on there for more than two years myself, and sort of miss it sometimes. Good luck with that!!

John Gascot said...

I really enjoy your figurative abstracts!Wonderful work.