Wednesday, July 30, 2008

some things are just not meant to be

After all that build up for a second Etsy shop, I've decided to close it for now. I've removed all of my inventory, and I'm going to keep it in case I get the urge to make something different that fits that description. The paintings that I made are all going to eBay to find new homes.

Although I got a lot of hearts and views from PureDecor, there wasn't a single bite. And I understand why. LiveFunky as a name has a history and reputation on the site. PureDecor was just a baby in a sea of tons of talented newborns. I've seen the success of some artists that find a sort of system of production for contemporary decorative art and I wanted to try my hand at it. I am happy I did and I gave the idea a real go, because otherwise, I'd continue thinking "I could do that". It may be true, but it doesn't mean I can do it really well, and it doesn't mean that it will be a really popular product. I'm good at what I do and that's creating intuitive, one of a kind, abstract art. Why screw with what you know works?

Part of me is blushing thinking of all of my steps back and forth on this journey documented in this blog. The tangents of big plans and then a few weeks later the "oops, actually THIS is what's going to happen" update. But hey, it's the truth. Each change of plan offers lessons to learn along the way and unforseen opportunities. In the case of PureDecor, the Etsy shop of originals didn't work out, but my PureDecor Zazzle shop was a success. You just never know!

You can see all of my eBay auctions here


jafabrit said...

It is wonderful though that you are willing to share this journey and why it works and doesn't work. I really think it has offered a valuable insight into the pro's and con's many of us have pondered.

So thank you :)

Anonymous said...

I love your work Jess! I'm sorry that your shop didn't work out. I hope that your work does wonderfully on ebay. I'm sure that it will! :)

Unknown said...

I agree with Jafabrit and think it's wonderful (and brave) to share your journey with its ups and downs and oopses. :)

Too often we think the road of (not to) success is straight and simple, when in fact it's pretty curvy!

I like that you recognize your strengths and interests and again, share that with your readers. An artist has to explore, experiment, succeed and fail--otherwise, no greater ground is gained, in life or in art (and your blog deals with both!).

Take care,


Unknown said...

You guys are the best. Much love all around. :)

Unknown said...

Right back atcha!

Oh, and I meant, "road of success, not road *to* success" since I don't conceive of "success" as a destination, but the actual path that's tread.

Take care,


HomeGrownLife said...

Taking chances is so vital to remaining an authentic person/artist, right?
You are so talented and I am so proud of you to have the wisdom you have. You know where you are supposed to be and how brave of you to follow that instinct!