Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Good times

These pictures were taken tonight at my cousin Steve's house. He and his wife live in a farmhouse less than a mile down the hill from our house with some wonderful, lush property. Steve and Rob are old friends and I have a brotherly connection with him, so we all have a good old time when we hang out. The pictures above are of the insane blackberry bushes at their house LOADED with fruit. I picked a bunch to mix with some fresh local peaches for dessert. Ah the bounty of summer fruits and veggies! I'm in heaven.

No artwork updates right now. I'm working on home improvement stuff and just enjoying the golden days of summer as much as I can. Happy summer to all.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jess!Wonderful blackberries! We used to have those outside our house and we'd get caught picking them. We'd have blackberries all over our little cheeks. Of course that was a LONG time ago an in Seattle,WA. Had to share that with you.
Although your artwork in lovely, I'm glad that your spending some time at home. I know that is good for you.
Have a wonderful day!!!!