Thursday, August 07, 2008

New and Improved Website

In the last few days and nights, I've been steadily working on revamping my website. I have to say, it's my favorite version to date. The design concept is simple and I hope that it is easy as well as interesting to navigate. There are still some things I need to add (like tags and page titles) but for the most part, it's complete!

Please check it out and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions.

What I'm most excited about is my new Art Prints of the Month feature. Each month I'll be offering three new print designs to be purchased directly from my website. Check out the August collection HERE!


Meghan Henley said...

Wow, Jess, it looks great! I wish I had the power to alter mine...need to focus some energies on that. Thanks for adding my link! By the way, what happened to the lady sculpture you were creating? It kind of hinted towards an ancient fertility goddess (or that could be my imagination.)

Unknown said...

Hi my dear Meghan! haha You know what I was just thinking about her today and how I've neglected her. She's on top of our microwave looking at me every time I go into the kitchen saying "paint me! paint me!". She's totally goddess based - I was also thinking about my grandmothers and Hungarian folk art... all kinds of stuff. Thanks for the nudge - I think I'll work on that in the next few days.

I wish I could help with your website but I use a very easy program Yahoo SiteBuilder and I'm relatively clueless when it comes to anything more than basic html code. That's the beauty of blogging. You can always keep things new and fresh!

TheresaJ said...

Your website is wonderful, as is your blog, your artwork bright and colorful. Glad I came across you in the Etsy forums!