Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Fluid in the Now

I made this new banner based on the painting below that I really like. I need to do this on a large scale (add to large to do list)... Here's the original.

Fluid in the Now - Acrylic and oil pastel on paper

Lay of the Land - Acrylic and oil pastel on paper

Both of these are new pieces created in the last two days. I've loved working with my fresh new batch of oil pastels that I got for Christmas (thanks Mom and Dad!). The weather here has been downright miserable but the colors I'm working with keep me feeling rejuvenated. I'd love to be working on larger pieces but without heat in the studio, that's not really an option right now. Well, I could (and have) set up inside the house, but for now it's nice to work in a smaller scale, more contemplative as I listen to ice chunks whip against the window!

I'm not going to officially sign up for the Painting a Day deal because if I do that I'll come to a grinding halt. It happened before when I tried two separate times to do 365 Sketch last year. It's an unfortunate personality trait to crave doing what I'm told not to and vice versa. Instead, I'm keeping it "in mind" to create a piece a day with no rules, no pressure. I need to do this to keep myself connected to that source - you know how it is fellow creators. Even a few days away from your craft and you get a little rusty, you need some time to mess around before it clicks again. I'll always feel a need to plan and it will always be counter balanced with a need to live in the moment. So... hi 2009. Nice to meet you, it will be interesting getting to know you better.

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Unknown said...

These are beautiful, love the composition of color and form in your paintings!