Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mini Paintings on LiveFunky

Acrylic mini abstract on 4" x 4" matboard, 2009
Available for purchase at

On a rainy day this week I worked in the basement on these 4x4 squares of matboard. I have stacks of archival matboard I inherited from one of my framing gigs years ago. They are in beautiful shape (did I mention archival? these boards will probably outlive me!) and for smaller sizes, you can display them "as is" on a mini easel.

I spent the day tediously going through my livefunky shop updating listings (free shipping in the US and Canada) and eliminating all paintings larger than 8" x 10". I've decided to focus on small scale originals for livefunky. ACEOs will be making a comeback and I'm going to be working with some recycled paper panels from Kendra of I like the distinction now. I'll always be doodling and working on mini projects when I'm not working on big bad canvases in the studio.

It just worked out that these became abstract semi-landscape studies but in the future I'll be playing with my more linear and atmospheric abstracts. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jess :)


Amanda Seyderhelm said...

Hi Jess. I love your work, especially the deep tracks, they feel earthy and certainly funky! Amanda

Unknown said...

Your abstracts are beautiful and remind me of nature's landscapes.

Unknown said...

Thank you Amanda and Blenda!