Friday, May 22, 2009

today was... productive? yes, productive

I painted up a storm today. Covered all four limbs in the stuff and everything was in harmony - sun shining bright, blue skies, feeling good, I even had another visit with the butterfly (yup, he landed on my wrist again today!). I had a lot of fun playing around and testing things out. There were many moments of "yes! that's niiiice" but I would get a new idea to make it even better and that wouldn't work out exactly as planned and the cycle kept looping as more paint was squeezed out, brushed or splattered on, wiped off, repeat. I think it's hilarious that my last post yesterday was of this painting that I keep layering over - it really COULD have been done if I just LET it be done! haha It's ok. It looks totally different than in this picture too - seriously, this painting has lived more lives than an extra lucky cat.

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