Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back in action

This is my second stamp set available at www.livefunky.etsy.com (the first set sold). There are more on the way so stay tuned!
I've been away for a little bit but I'm happy to report that it's been to enjoy some summer fun. Entertaining company, visiting family and friends and enjoying my husband's family reunion in New Hampshire. Which, by the way, has me dreaming of moving back to New Hampshire to some fabulous lake house... a girl can dream! I feel so rejuvenated and ready to work hard doing what I love.
Earlier this summer I hit a bit of a roadblock and I'm thankful for my husband and dear friends for some really great, illuminating conversations getting to the heart of the issue and then getting beyond it, letting the baggage go. When I opened my second shop www.jessicatorrant.etsy.com I had such high hopes and aspirations, which was great but it also left me feeling somewhat timid and doubtful of my ability. I think this might be the first time since my sophomore year in college that I really felt completely lost creatively and it scared me - was it gone, was it over, would it ever return? Again, it was heart to hearts with my best of friends that led me to the answer - the same answer I've stumbled into any time I've run into a mental hurtle creatively. I have to let go of definitions/plans/expectations and just be in the moment, follow my instincts and let them take me where they will. Trying to define myself destroys the intuitive source that I rely on to create art. Examining the internal conversations and definitions I have makes me realize that I feed off of plans and lists and I don't have to stop doing that, but I have to stop holding myself to them. It's inevitable that half the things on any particular list or dream sheet will change tomorrow or in a few weeks - and I need to be ok with that. So, long story short, I'm feeling very light and optimistic and eager to be free to have fun painting again, something I love so very, very much.

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