Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Announcing - The Rift by Robert Duperre

Yesterday was the big launch day of my husband's new website www.robertduperre.com! If you didn't already know, my husband Rob is a writer and he's been working for years on his first novel called The Rift - which is a mammoth multi book work of fiction. After he finished this piece, he set it aside and considered it a learning experience, moving on to new short stories and a new book he's currently working on. He's been taking a traditional route seeking out avenues to publish his work and build his resume and continues to do so with his other works. But for The Rift, he knew that no publishing company would want to take on such a massive work from an "unknown" artist. In all of our conversations about The Rift, it was assumed that maybe someday he would resurrect it after he's been published and established. Meanwhile, I've been pushing for him to utilize the internet, obviously it has become my preferred source to "get my work out there" and I'd suggest various ideas to him through the years but writing is different than visual art. I understood his hesitation wanting to preserve the integrity of his reputation. Still, the internet affords creative people the ability to express themselves in new ways, to think outside the box...

So that's just what he did and he decided to bring The Rift to the web, available as serial downloadable chapters. When he publishes the final chapter of the book (which will take a while, new chapters will be coming out weekly and he has well over 100 chapters) we'll create a hardcover book of the complete work, hopefully with all of the artwork that Rob had originally envisioned, including and possibly entirely created by our friend Jesse Young www.jessedavidyoung.com.

Lots to look forward to as we develop his web presence. I love working on this with him because I feel like I have a lot to offer, and it's good to feel useful, isn't it? :)

He has a free read on his website to get a sense of his writing style and a taste of The Rift. Hopefully you'll get hooked and come along this journey with him!

Twitter: www.twitter.com/robertduperre
Blog: www.journalofalways.blogspot.com

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