Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Summer Harvest

I love our local farmstand! Today I picked up some corn, tomatoes, a huge cucumber and three types of eggplant - purple, white and a more rounded green variety.

With these yummy veggies, I made steamed corn on the cobb and a funky salad that I'll describe. First, I marinated eggplant slices in balsamic vinegar and salt. After they soaked for a bit, I took them out and squeezed out the liquids then coated them with bread crumbs mixed with Parmesan cheese. Then they went into some hot olive oil for a deep fry. The frying pan got a quick rinse then I cooked up some sliced tomatoes with freshly minced garlic. I served the eggplant slices on top of lettuce and cucumber, with the tomato garlic mixture on top and a touch of balsamic vinaigrette and parm. It made for a nice cool/warm combo and complimented the super sweet corn very well. I looooove this time of year when the veggies are plentiful and fresh. The farm stand had a few squash varieties I've never seen before and I'm looking forward to buying some and trying out new recipes.

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