Thursday, December 03, 2009

Let me introduce you to Bernie

This is Bernie. My first grown up puppet and probably not the last. I bought Bernie from a wonderful Etsy seller (great name too, right?). He is the best and purchased entirely for our own amusement. Seriously, it's amazing what a blue mood buster Bernie is. It's just silly, bug eyed, fuzzy fun and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

In this shot, I think Bernie is thinking very philosophical thoughts. He's a deep thinker. My husband and I would like to make some Bernie videos so you may be seeing more of him down the road. If/when that happens then the whole world will have access to my unique brand of insanity.

As a funny aside, the creator of Bernie gave him that name and it's just too perfect, I had to keep it. When I was a little kid I called Bert and Ernie "Bernie" collectively - my parents say I'd point to the TV and excitedly announce "Bernie!" when they came on Sesame Street. I always thought it was just one of those quirky things kids do but now I can't help but wonder.... maybe I knew? haha Oh I'm just giddy with love for Bernie. Or Bernard. He doesn't care what you call him.


Kendra Zvonik said...

Bernie is awesome! Love him! Can't wait to see the videos.
I used to have a Bert doll when I was a child. It has always been difficult to decide who I like better- Bert or Ernie. This puppet is perfect!!

Unknown said...

Yay! Now we can love them both equally represented as one with Bernie. Of course that comes with a price - with two polar personalities coming together we just don't know what Bernie's disposition will be... we'll just have to wait and see... ;)

belinda marshall said...

this post cracks me up! thanku.
bring on more of your insanity :)

Unknown said...

Right on Belinda! I'm happy to read that... the door is now open, let the insanity spill into cyberspace. haha