Friday, December 25, 2009



excitement, pushing hard to get things done but feeling confident it would all come together

it all comes together

we're on the move and listening to the dark side of the moon in between carols on the radio

arrive and greetings, eating dinner and feasting on sweet treats




improv gymnastics/dance show by the girls, each time is a "rehearsal" aka work in progress - i watch all versions loving every minute of it


the last bits of tidying up

bernie and peanut sing carols together

thoughtful talks then tucking in



good morning! let's see what santa has brought us

frenzy and fun

off to another gathering at the farm

more laughter & love and once the pack of young ones are whole, let the games begin...

a feast proceeded by grace by my aunt that got my mom and i teary

s shares her big surprise for great. cornbread made from the very corn they harvested at thanksgiving and ground as a team - we applaud, and then we eat

the little ones are so eager for presents it begins after the last plate has been cleared

pure joy, more laughter, more love, such goodness....

playing airplane with my two biggest lil buddies... what a workout. what pure joy seeing k's face saying "do it again" over and over smiling... my love...


home. exhausted. ready for bed. it isn't over yet... but tomorrow is a pause.
very happy.
very thankful.

l o v e

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