Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Getting back on track

Brilliant Maple

So. It's pretty obvious I've been away for a bit. All artists have their ups and downs, and now I'm declaring an end to a much too consuming slump. I can't say exactly what brought it on, but I do know what helped me get out of it. The first thing was a good old fashioned, several hour telephone conversation with one of my best friends. Aren't those just the greatest? After some great suggestions on her end, I decided to write out a list of my goals. It helped me tremendously as I was focusing too much on what I wasn't happy with in myself, things I wanted to change, rather than looking at the positive things I want to bring into my life. There's a big difference between thinking DON'T vs DO. One of the things on my list of goals is to give my all to my creative career - the actual work end of things as well as the promotional aspects.

To be honest, my goal actually said specifically "painting" but the reality is, it's bigger than just my paintings - it's photography (as seen above), it's carving stamps, it's drawing and refining digital stamps and any other crafty thing I get my hands on! I must also thank Soraya Nulliah for introducing me to a fabulously helpful art blog - Alyson B. Stanfield's Art Biz Blog. There's just so much information there, it's almost overwhelming. I could spend the next week just reading and doing "homework" from the site! One of the suggestions is to start a mailing list, something I've put off for a long time.

It's getting colder here, so I'll be moving indoors soon. That will be a bit of a bummer because I LOVE working outside in the studio, but the bonus is I can have movies on in the background which, believe it or not, helps me paint sometimes. I think the background noise distracts a part of my brain freeing something up in me to go boldly into the abstract abyss! I guess the most important thing I'm realizing is that it's all about discipline. Regardless of what I'm working on, I most hold true to a schedule of work. I must limit my time online, shut off the phone and be aware of what inspires me in that moment and follow that direction. I may think to myself "tomorrow I'm going to paint!" but the next day I find I'd rather sketch and work in Illustrator. It's okay. Go with the flow. Just be sure to KEEP GOING!

In other stamp news, I was interviewed by the Italian website nuok - if you're interested, you can read it here.

That's all for now. I hope everyone's doing well and staying warm. Cheers!


Liquid &Tunsie said...

this is a loveley pic. great colors

Rachel said...

I'm getting ready to sign up with mail chimp! How do you like it so far?

Maria-Thérèse ~ www.afiori.com said...

oh... amen! Me too!
Met my best friend yesterday, it had been too long, and we talked and talked and she asked if I kept a journal now and I said no and neither did she - we push things aside because we decide other things need to be done first. So when I came home I made a new journal for myself and started to write in it - and today I got a translation gig worth a lot to me and was asked to exhibit in Stockholm! Can't help but think that a different mindset had something to do with it.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the visit and comments all! Rachel, I just signed up and there's lots to learn and I've barely broken the ice. I'll keep you updated as to how I am feeling about it when I get a bit more familiar.

Maria-Therese that's wonderful that not only did you get to spend some time with your best friend, but you were also inspired to create and start a new journal! Congrats on the big gig and exhibit opportunity, too - woo hoo! I agree that keeping your head focused on the positive certainly helps welcome the positive into your life.