Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pure Decor - My new shop on Etsy

PURE DECOR - Contemporary Decorative Art by Jessica Torrant

I couldn't wait another day - PureDecor has been launched!

Here's a quote from my revised profile on Etsy...

Very recently I've come to a "great divide" as far as creating and selling my work. I have loved being the sort of artist that offers a little bit of everything, and that has worked well for me, not only as far as selling, but most of all, as a creator. I've needed these years of experimental and intuitive creating, trying it all, and finding what works for me. But I've reached a point where I'm ready to raise the bar, and as always, I want it all. I want to offer affordable art as well as gallery priced work, I want to continue the process of cranking out art and I want to hone in on my paintings and make some breathtaking series.

After a great amount of thought and sketchbook tangents, I've come to the decision to have two shops that focus on the two different sides of me and how/what I create. The first is my already established shop, livefunky. The second is my new shop, PureDecor. To answer "What is the difference?", let me begin with the fact that I've always relied on making art to fuel/embellish/relieve any mood (and, like most, my moods run the gambit). There is the art I make because I'm eager to express and GO THERE, and there is the art I make because I need something to help me relax and escape. You could call me a bipolar painter and I wouldn't protest.

There are many other distinctions, but I casually classify the polarity as "sitting down art" and "standing up art". Sitting down art (PureDecor) is meditative, with a slower hand, with a desired outcome, and a formula that can be repeated over and over in new works in new ways. I usually create this art either sitting at a table, or sitting in the half lotus position on my studio floor (the same pose I had twenty years ago in my childhood bedroom, working on drawings of outfits, flowers and cartoons, or the doodles that served as the unconscious foundation for my future abstract paintings). Standing up art is intuitive (livefunky), unpredictable, energetic and intense, with an exploration for new ways of manipulating paint/form/color - never to be reproduced in that exact way again. This is when I paint ever so physically - I truly attempt to make paint dance.

I am a believer in loving art just because it's beautiful. (PureDecor)
I am a believer in loving art just because it moves you. (LiveFunky)


Anonymous said...

Oh yes! I see the difference in the two and yet, both styles are similar in that they reflect "you".

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully said Jess! :) If they think of you as a Bipolar painter, they might as well think the same of me. Your work say's Jess all over it and carries a piece of you in each work. I just love it!