Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pinching Pennies

I've had a website ( with the alternate domain of for several years now. I've changed the look of it about a thousand times. Well, maybe not that much, but it has felt like every time I revamp my site, it's only about a month or two before I start thinking about a new design and format. I'm not a web designer, I was self taught through trial and error using Yahoo's Sitebuilder.

It's been a good experience and I have enjoyed having the opportunity to have a one of a kind site. But the reality is, these days every dollar should go to more supplies. Most of my family, fans and friends keep up with my art and links through my blog and I get more traffic to my Etsy shop, artwanted gallery and other venues than my personal website. The monthly payments to maintain my site aren't a reasonable investment anymore. Especially when I can do pretty much the same thing for free with a one time domain charge using WordPress.

Tonight I'm working on setting things up there, adding pages and links to my various shops and products. I like that it's clean, simple - the basics. A no fuss home base.

I'm uncertain what sort of posting I will do there. It won't be like my blog here (which isn't going anywhere and will stay the same) - in fact, I don't want it to have a really "blog" feel to it. Perhaps I will just add new paintings as they are created with links to where they are available and announcements about shows, etc.

Do you have a WordPress account? What do you use it for? Is it your main blog or website? I'd love to hear more seasoned WordPress users thoughts about this. Thanks!

Here's the link -

Meghan Henley of shared a youtube link in a comment on one of my other posts. This man is amazing and what he's doing is simply awe inspiring. Creative, eco conscious, and empowering for all involved. THIS is the future of building, as long as no one gets in it's way (and I'm sure there are many that would like to). I'll keep my fingers crossed that logic and good sense will prevail and people who have the dream of owning their own home and are willing to work will be able to realize that goal while treading lightly on the earth. YAY!


Anonymous said...

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Meghan Henley said...

We are like soul sisters! I am dumping my main site too. Just decided yesterday. Creepy.
Isn't that guy fantastic? I want so bad to buy some land and do this someday!